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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  April 23, 2019 6:30pm-6:46pm CEST

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d.w. . coming up on the program. in today's positives in the philippines scramble to help people affected by two earthquakes prepared is the country to deal with these disasters plus. a nation grieves. burying their dead after sunday's deadly attacks. and can he make it second time lucky indian prime minister narendra modi along with
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millions of indians in the third phase of the country's mammoth election. i'm british manager welcome to day. it's good to have you with us the philippines is reeling from two earthquakes that have struck the island nation in two days at least sixteen people have been killed but the death toll could rise as authorities dig through rubble to reach survivors the first earthquake with a back to two of six point one was centered on a town around one hundred kilometers northwest of manila the second earthquake to hit on tuesday was centered on the island of summer in the east it had a magnitude of six point three the philippines sits on the so-called pacific ring of fire which stretches from japan through southeast asia and across the pacific.
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the first quite shook manila on monday afternoon turning this guy scraper into a waterfall as water cascaded from the rooftop swimming pool. many of the casualties have been recorded in the city of karachi where a four story commercial building collapsed. rescue teams worked through the nice pulling several survivors alive from the rubble. kark international airport also suffered damage but flights have resumed after it was closed to clear the debris residents were shaken by the strength of the tremors. or else. there was terror and shock it took us by surprise. it only lasted about twenty seconds but it was very strong it was the
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first time in our lives that we ever experienced anything like this. and i mean. several historical churches have sustained serious damage including santa catalina in poor rock it's bell tower which dates back to the nineteenth century gave way due to the force of the tremors. and the local response and are some tossers on the story for us from manila good to see you what is the situation currently in. the news from the island of summer where the second quake hit. no need getting back to normal so yesterday when the yesterday when there is plates from the office is closed and so did the boss so you saw huge influx of people out on the street waiting for public transportation which had also been closed to days
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and awful sets were remained closed while sorry did their preemptive checks on any kind of structural damage now the damage in samarra or at least fast the military released a statement saying that there was no the report that they're checking that this continues to be a developing story however i spoke to one of the residents out here by and then talk to a lot of fun and you see how that what really caused among you paul was the rumors of a possible tsunami this created a lot more among the people who would like us where you've been scrambling to to see how our families were doing and to get to safer ground but how would you supposed to respond so. the authority and so far have said you know they've been doing their structural attacks thankfully there's been no massive davidge structurally or even on the roads it's
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just but also the cracks on these a structure. all of that involved which is a province of hot sixty miles north of nigeria this is where we saw a lot of damage i spoke to the disaster risk management this morning and she told me that hundreds of homes were completely destroyed so now she has a couple of hundred people scrambling for shelter makeshift evacuation centers additionally there was a grocery store or supermarket that and search and rescue operations there as we speak they have recovered eight victims from that and then mark at the victim thing who did a mother and her two young children did have a correspondent. reporting on the story from the middle out thank you very much for . to sri lanka next which is held
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a day of mourning and three minute silence to honor the victims of bomb attacks on easter sunday the death toll has risen to at least three hundred twenty one people including at least forty five children while investigations continue the country struggles to come to terms with a national tragedy. they're holding candles and praying silently. the mourners lined the road leading to st anthony's in colombo one of the churches targeted in sunday's attacks. for some the grief is overwhelming but. the deadliest attack was in the fishing town the gumbo but least one hundred and ten locals and tourists lost their lives here the first funerals are also on the way. australian survivor city cologne walked out of the church ahead of his family moments before the explosion i heard about that he was stories and i jumped into the chair and i saw them i thought. you know what for some the fall.
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i don't know what to do. and i was. just so my daughter on the floor. unleashed a try to lift that was ordered to do. exactly the same next i pay for it there. are people from at least twelve different countries have been killed in the bombings more details about the identities emerging danish business tycoon under us watch paulson and his wife lost three of the children that were spending the holidays in tree lanka. kiran heiress arad nam was staying at the same hotel in colombo when the explosion went off. it could be me but i haven't lost but i also know seeing those three kids daughter i know i have three kids i know how they must
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be feeling right so one of the arguments say to them is that you know it's you know we should we feel that we feel their pain and i feel their pain you know i my hearts are with them. for many the morning has only just begun with an uncertain path lying ahead. indians have been voting today in the third and biggest phase of the country's more than month long general elections voters are electing a new parliament and prime minister narendra modi from the ruling hindu nationalists b j p is seeking a second term his main challenger is the leader of the opposition congress party rock hogan the election is the world's biggest with a nine hundred million voters in total eligible to vote they have to elect five hundred forty three representatives for the lower house of parliament called the locus of. one of the issues that has been set the stage in these elections is the issue of unemployment there wouldn't be chippy is accused of suppressing
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a government report that claims unemployment is at a forty five year high this even as the economy expands it's a strange paradox that's affecting millions of india's youth data recorders pondered nimish at just travel to the state of shock and in the country's east to find out more. biddy in the party you scored the highest grades in his undergraduate degree in social logy he deceived a gold medal from the president of india for expelling in a small scratch with studies he went on to get a third degree which allows him to become a teacher. he's one of the most qualified young men in his small village of took tacl in the eastern state of charge kind. yet the dreams has been unemployed for two years. in a part of the it's difficult to sit at home after studying so much in the village to hear giants that despite my qualifications i'm useless there's no work in the village the government is paying no attention to this there's no advantage in
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earning a degree it's a piece of paper lying at home. and be danger isn't unknown to other graduate students like him outline for every job opening that comes up however overqualified they may be but they say that on the we can see is seasonal farming is the main source of livelihood in the region employment opportunities offer you one far between you know first hit that last that as a result many young men migrate to begin in cities like delhi and mumbai and some even go abroad to countries like the u.a.e. of gonna stand and malaysia but hard country isn't the only place where young people are in trouble. every year millions joined the workforce in india according to hundred usd government data unemployment is at a forty five year high. critics say the white government b.g.p. just on the cusp of christian nationalism in this election it has been silent on job creation. a coalition of youth groups called the young india right committee
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has come together expressly to campaign against the more the government. this see they will support any candidates who stand against the b.g.p. and its policies on education and employment. several member groups. this meeting is in support of a candidate from the c.p.i. m.l. a communist party. the last five years have been very video hard even if you top india there has been a very dangerous structural shift. you don't believe in giving more detail when it comes to the youth and the students of the country the youth is the future of the country and they're not fighting for themselves those are fighting for the new world you know right to education right to employment right to hilton rights of the citizen. was attending the meeting are just as. you would clear the government needs to ensure that young people are provided with
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a secure jobs so they don't have to struggle to and their livelihoods. are about to be things outside i've been looking for a government job for three or four years but no luck yet. that being a ticket to stand being education a student i'm also very upset from the government system because the government has lost the system but did they have a no any people on how to fight the deceased come to the door to door but it really is a student. even a night that the crowd listens on with just attention but the message is clear a vote against more. is a vote for their future. that story and more on our website that's the double dot com forward slash asia and you can check us out on facebook as well. that's a bit of a real even now with these pictures from the way find international festival in china what
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a multitude of i pop in creations i've been taking to the skies those remarks are for by. i'm skilled at the my work not hard and in the end these are me you are not allowed to stay here anymore we will send you back. are you familiar with this. with the smugglers we're alliance. what's your story. on what numbers of women especially in victims of violence. take part and send us
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your story your train always understand this new culture. are not given a turn up again you want to become citizens. in full migrants your platform for reliable information. all prizes saw as the u.s. ends exemptions from sanctions for countries still buying oil from iran with india being the biggest customer tehran's of how well it managed without its. taking on the coffee giant how the chinese upstart lockin coffee is trying to challenge starbucks in china. this is business asia. as in berlin welcome the u.s. government announced it will stop exempting countries from its sanctions on buying
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iranian oil from a second and anyone who still buys all from tehran faces a dispute with the biggest economy in the world the price of oil was already on the rise up thirty percent over the weekend after the news from washington the prize took a significant increase brant crude the global benchmark cost nearly seventy five dollars a barrel on tuesday the u.s. sanctions policy is putting the global economy under pressure and is driving prices higher particularly in those countries that have benefited from the exemptions until now such as india. india's economy is booming its g.d.p. is expected to rise by seven percent and that economic growth is fueled by oil and so india is buying in large quantities from what iran is selling on easy terms iranian crude is delivered free of charge fully insured and with a payment period of up to sixty days x. .


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